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Paint Parties with 

Talya Weinberg

A Paint Party is a social, interactive and fun event where Talya, instructor and local artist, guides the guests step-by-step to create their own custom painting. Paint Parties typically last for about 1.5 - 2 hours and depending on the venue and event, wine and/or refreshments are served by the organizers/hosts.

Provided by Talya

Provided by Talya

1. Canvases 
2. Table Easels
3. Acrylic Paint
4. Paint brushes

Provided by Hosts (for out of Studio)

1. Cups for water and brushes 
2. Paper plates for palettes 
3. Disposable table covering of        your choice in size and color 


$25 per person which includes all painting material for in-studio or out-of-studio Paint Parties (minimum 20 people for out-of-studio/ minimum 10 people for in-studio).

*There is a travelers fee of $50+ if the venue is over 25 miles away from Silver Spring, MD.

Choosing the Painting

Based on event coordinators’ preference for theme and color scheme, Talya will propose several samples to choose from.
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